Our Flagship Workstations

Desko SmartDesk Pro

Desko Bedworx

Desko Boomerang

Smart Functions

Complete Cable Management
Base Wheel Locking System
Laptop Recliner
Headphone/Bag Hanger
Plantation/Waste Management Pocket
3 m Power cable
Premium Material

How Does Desko improve my Health & Productivity?

Features like Sit-Stand Mechanism, Focus Zones & Height Flexibility Promote Active Working. This also comes with key benefits as below

46 % Rise in Productivity

Backed by Texas A&M Research on Sit-Stand Mechanisms

2X Calories Burnt

Twice Calorie Consumption in a Day by Changing Modes.(NCBI Research)


Sitting Is the New Smoking


Longer Work Stamina


Stand in Meetings Sit in Detail Works


Our In-Built Focus Zones & Ergonomic Features Ensure the Same

Why Desko

  • We spend 8 hours a day, Half of your awake life, on Working

  • More than 75% of the Jobs are Now Computer & Desk Based. Nature of Work has Changed But Ways of Working Haven’t.

  • It’s about time we acknowledge our working needs. Just like a new pair of shoes or good clothing , it’s a thing to choose , consider and buy

  • We at Desko aim to help you cater to your Working Needs and Upgrade yourself once and for all

  • Consider our Products as Assets.Invest & Reap Benefits every single hour.Enjoy Working !

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One Stop Solution for All Your Working Needs

Accessories & Chairs. Set-up your complete workspace or let us manage the same. We are just a call away.

Product-Wise Smart Features

Each Product is designed for its unique usage

Smart Features

Desko SmartDesk Pro

Desko Bedworx

Desko Boomerang

Designed For 8-14 Hours Work/day 4-6 Hours Work/Day 6-10 Hours Work/Day
Sit-Stand Convertible Automatic Manual No
USB + Socket on Table Top Yes Yes , both sides Yes
In-built Cable Management Yes Yes Yes
Portable(Wheels With Locking) Yes Yes No
Mobile/Tablet Holder Yes No Yes
White Board Area Yes No Yes
Utility Drawer Yes No Yes
In-built Wireless Charger Yes No No
In-built Laptop Recliner Yes Yes No
Accessory Hanger Yes No Yes
3 m Power Cable Included Yes Yes Yes
In-built Plantation Zone Yes No No
Wedge/Curved Table Top Yes Yes Yes
Color Customization Yes No Yes
Footrest Bar & Cushion Yes No No
In-built Cup-Warmer Yes No No
In-built LED lighting No Yes Yes
Focus Zone Uplift No No Yes
In-built Bluetooth Speakers No Yes No


Corporate & Startup Clients

Partner With Us

If you are a company, Let us help design your office space and revolutionize the ways of working for your employees.

If you are an Individual, Let us have a one to one conversation to set-up your ergonomic workspace at home